Laughing at a Dream

In a fit of whimsy and openness I shared with some friends what my dream was, and how I was working towards it currently. The only other individuals I have shared this with are colleagues/friends at work and with the 5 Club. I was feeling mildly confident in it, as I have been working on it for the past several weeks and know without a doubt God has placed this passion on my heart for what I am working on.

imagesOne of my friends laughed. I am not sure what prompted that response, given some other things we had discussed over the course of the evening, but regardless that moment is etched in my mind. I am not sure the individual realized the impact of that laughter on what I am dreaming and doing.

How do you respond when someone whom you trust laughs at your dream?

A part of me now feels more empowered to push harder to accomplish this dream. Then I think that is a vengeful way in which to approach something I have held to since childhood and recently become even more impassioned about. So I give fear the voice on paper. I write out how my voice of doubt now sounds very similar to my friend’s voice. To their laughter. And I let it go. Fear of failing has no place in my dream currently. If I allow it to hamper what I am pursuing, then it wins.

I hope I can encourage you all to share your dream, don’t let fear of laughter or others’ perceptions keep you from that passion you have for something. Feel like sharing your dream, feel free below or find me on Twitter @sarastacy. I’d love to encourage you as others have done for me.

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