Gifting Awesomeness.

I give some pretty amazing gifts. It’s kind of my love language to others. I love giving to others, and I would probably go broke if I wanted to give everyone everything all the time. 545138_10101197064909215_417292584_n

For Christmas last year, I found something pretty stinkin’ cool for my nephews. They both are into the Star Wars animated stuff, with light saber fights and building battleships with Legos. A couple of years ago I got Toothless Wonder a Death Star lamp that projects constellations on his ceiling. (See, I am the cool aunt) This year I hit gold with the inflatable R2D2 that is remote-controlled. I figured they’d get a kick out of it over the holidays and then be done with it. I was on the phone with my sister on Sunday when I heard it in the background. Toothless was playing with it still. It gives me such excitement and joy to know they are playing with something I thought they would enjoy and would provide fun for them.

I am beginning to see that’s a small glimpse at how God feels when He gives us things as well. I’d like to think He has a similar reaction of “YES!!!” with a fist punch in the air and a little dance around. I could be wrong, but maybe He does do that. That joy that comes from giving is such a blessing. And the gratitude always goes back to the giver. It’s never to the recipient. It would sound weird to say “Oh! You got such a great gift, how thoughtful you are to receive it and play with it. You are so mindful of what you want and how you wish to be delighted in.” The thanksgiving and the praise always goes to the giver because the giver had the recipient in mind, putting so much thought into what to give and how the person would enjoy it.

So why then do we often times, myself included, want to give ourselves praise for things He’s given us? Why do we sit and say, “That was all me!”? He delights in carrying our burdens, telling us to cast it all upon Him (Psalm 55:22) and yet we celebrate the joy of the burden gone by saying we accomplished it. My prayer is that I would understand the thanks, the praise, the gratitude all belong to the Giver…and never the recipient.

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