Pursuant to the matter at hand…

This year I am done pursuing. I am letting that go. I am not shutting myself off from interests, but I need to stop chasing.

As 2013 began, I gave great thought to what I wanted out of this year. The year I turn 32. I did not want to continue down the same road as before, where I resolved to do so many things that revolved around having a relationship with a man. Instead I was challenging myself to let go.

Let go of the mindset that a man completes me fully.

Let go of the pressures of a culture that says being single is not okay.

Let go of my tendency to control situations and circumstances.

So I did. Very nonchalantly and similar to cutting a cord. I just did it. I wasn’t going to dwell on my singleness but delight in it. I have time and freedom to work on the things I desire to accomplish and begin this year. I let go of the control that had felt like such pressure when I really stopped to look at it.

I am by no means saying I am model of perfection on this, cause I ain’t…seriously, I am at the other end entirely. I trip up and I fall. But my heart’s desire is for women, single ladies and college women alike to see the beauty in who they are now. Not to wait for a man to tell them they are, or aren’t. We are treasures to be pursued, not options to be danced in front of a man. We should be encouraging one another as women to uphold love and confidence with one another instead of tearing one another down.

imagesI don’t want to get on my soapbox but The Bachelor/Bachelorette show me just exactly why every young lady and woman feels the need to compete for a man’s attention or to chase after him. We say as a society it’s okay to throw yourself repeatedly at him, hoping he gives you a flower (along with 7 others) after he’s already made out with the girl you share a room with. I cannot even stomach the ads for that show because I sincerely worry what the young women and single ladies of today are being taught is acceptable in relationships.

Be pursued ladies. Let a man value you for what you truly are. Allow society and our culture to be drowned out by the quietness of being alone. It gets uncomfortable, it gets sad, and frankly there are days it absolutely sucks. I would rather trust in God’s best for me, than my own because honestly, His is way better.

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