Five on Friday…the blogger edition

So on Fridays around here, I like to highlight five favorites. It ranges from music to food to tourism. You will honestly never expect what I post on half the time here on Fridays, as I usually don’t until the night before myself! (I am not a write out posts days/weeks in advance…kudos if you are, but it ain’t me!)

imagesToday I am highlighting some great female bloggers I read on the regular. You can see over at the blogroll what I try to read daily but sometimes I just have to catch up on a few days at once cause you know, I am a busy person with places to go and people to see! (more about that next week!)

So here we go…Five Favorite Females (I love alliteration)

  • Annie Blogs. Great site, great woman, great writer, great person of life. She’s also the OG on the Top Five Friday idea.
  • Dear Hanna. Again, great woman, greatly gifted writer, and all-around spectacular person. She’s a colleague and a friend.
  • Leading in Shades of Grey. No this ain’t got nothing to do with E.L. James. Jenni Catron is an amazing inspiration on leadership and ministry. She is the Executive Director of Cross Point Community Church (where I happen to call home), and a great resource on leadership and business.
  • The Pioneer Woman. Oh my word. Before she got her own Food Network show, this was the bees knees for how to make her amazing meals! To say I am obsessed with her would be a joke. Love her stuff!
  • Myra McEntire. Fantastic YA author of the Hourglass series, Doctor Who fanatic, and all around pretty awesome woman. She’s in the midst of the third part of the Hourglass series so it’s a bit quiet on the blog but oh geez I love her writing. (It also doesn’t hurt that she used to be my boss back in the day and my sister went to college with her)

Notable mention: Check out Life in the Questions with Kelli Hunter. A colleague who has a passion for writing and ministry.


Who are some of your favorite female bloggers?

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