A Single Hope.

I am not sure at what age it transpires, but somewhere between 28 and where I currently am at 31, the word alone became a bad word. It became a word which gave freedom to others to speculate on personal faults or “issues” that led to my being single. It then blossoms into pointers and tips from those around me who “know better” as to what I should do. It does not matter if they are family or acquaintances or strangers, it always seems to be a barrage of rapid fire questions followed by every tip under the moon on “how to snag you a man.”

For those of you who are single as well, I think you can commiserate with me on this. The holidays seem to be the worst as well. You are thrown into family gatherings with people you see once a year and you inevitably have the awkward conversation of job, marital status, and living situation. Being the youngest of 16 grandchildren on one side, and five on the other, it gets asked alot. Having two cousins get engaged while I was home also brought up these conversations.

indexHere’s the thing…while knowing that they are all well meaning with their suggestions and tips, at 31 I have heard it all. I am also not trying to “snag a man” or “land a man” as some are prone to say. I am seeking to live a life pleasing to God. While I know that it would be that much sweeter with the God-purposed man beside of me, I know that cannot be my focus. The devil tries to lie to me to tell me it is my focus, and should be my priority way too often. He’s quite aggravating about it too.

There are days and times when I question God on this truth that He has the best for me. That’s when I know that what I define as best is not the same as what He defines as best. I cannot begin to fathom what His best is for me, because the moment I do is when I realize it’s my limitations I am placing on God.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

One thought on “A Single Hope.

  1. Don’t worry… the questions never stop. It was the same way for me, and now all I get is “when are you two having kids?” After that, my friends tell me it’s “When are you gonna have another kid?”.
    I think it has a little something to do with people making awkward small talk, and those things just fly out of their mouths. That, and we always seem to be looking at the “next big thing” in general.

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