It’s a New Year Y’all!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a new year. The slate is clean on this year. It hasn’t defined you, or beaten you down. While I like that idea, I also know I carry some of 2012 into this year. You cannot just magically leave it behind, as if it never happened. It did.

I know for me 2012 was sort of an odd conglomeration of emotions, opportunities, heart breaks, and joys. I am thankful for the last year, but I can say I am excited to see what God has in store for this new one!

A new year for me brings a time to review my year and also lay out goals for the next year. Many have resolutions or Finish Year objectives. For me, I am taking it 30 days at a time. Someone once wrote that you can do anything for 30 days, so I am putting that to a personal challenge in my life. I have set some larger aiming points for my year, but I also trying out some new 30 day challenges.

The first is a healthier lifestyle both physically and spiritually. The last half of the year I allowed myself to get out of sorts with my eating, exercise, and devotional time. I started yesterday with a new devotional plan that lasts 21 days and planned another one to follow it up. I also ate mildly better the last two days in the hopes of getting on a better track for food consumption.

In the new devotional I am doing one of the questions that was posed was interesting and I thought it was timely with a new year, and with my physical goal for the next thirty days.
What is the one thing God wants me to give up that I crave more than Him?
Pretty powerful question to think on, as God has given us the ability to crave…but we misuse it as He purposed it for good in desiring Him and Him alone. Instead we choose to run after food, relationships, false love, approval, and many other deceivingly good things in life.

Today I am sharing that for the next thirty days I am committing to reading the Bible and praying daily. I am also committing to making smart and intentional decisions about what it is I am eating and only eating out of necessity rather than to feed an emotion or desire that should only be fed by God.

What are you craving instead of God?

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