Choosing Life

477833_4033098107556_136732115_oOn Friday evening, I watched as my oldest nephew questioned what happened in Connecticut. You see, he didn’t know anything about it until we were at the Hits Deep Tour concert at Bridgestone Arena. Several of the musicians brought up the tragedy and lead the arena in prayer. Unfortunately my sister had to explain to him between acts what had transpired while he was in his own elementary school that day. I watched as a little more of his innocence was taken by the knowledge that this world is not our home and he is not secure in his own school. Minutes later though I was able to see him dancing and singing praises to Me Without You and I almost cried. I saw him enjoy his first concert, one that brought glory to God with thousands of other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sunday at Cross Point Church, Pete Wilson said the very thing I had been trying to grasp at all weekend…

You don’t get to choose how you die, but you do get the choice in how you live.


My question for you today: How are you choosing to live today? You were given new mercies. You were given life. You were given passion, joy, hurt, pain, and most of all, you were given a choice. Choose today to live.


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