My Night with Rachael Ray

indexLast night I got the amazing opportunity to hear Rachael Ray speak on campus. Most of you know that I am a foodie, and stress bake. What you may not know is that Rachael’s 30 minute meals was the first cookbook I ever received. She has long been someone I have looked up to as far as her perseverance and determination to make a difference in what she does. She’s not just a cook, or a television personality.

During the course of the evening she made some remarkable revelations about where the proceeds go and where her passions lie. She spoke on how she takes time away from things to enjoy family and rest, to remind herself why she loves to cook. The one statement she said that really struck me, especially given my post from yesterday, was this:

I measure success by the amount of happiness you get out of each day.

I thought that was rather telling of her approach to life and being in the day, rather than moving through it.

I am planning some big projects for the first few months of the new year, and I am excited to share them with you all, in due time. For today, encourage one another and squeeze every ounce of happiness out of it.

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