When Fear and Truth Collide.

imagesI used to be afraid of the dark. Terrified so much in fact that until I was 15 I slept with a nightlight. A little pathetic but true. Now having been without a nightlight for as long as I had one, I am seeing the light of my fear. (pun intended)

Ultimately I feared the unknown. My room was the exact same as it was when the light was on, but the dark allowed my overthinking mind to run wild with thoughts of monsters sneaking in under the door, or snakes would slither out from under my bed, where my Barbies and dirty clothes had birthed them. Sixteen years later, I still fear the unknown. I fear the unknown of what my future holds in relationships. I fear what I cannot see laid out strategically in front of me. I fear not having control of situations and circumstances.

The common theme in those statements is “I fear” or even better yet just alot of Is. Fear resides in believing I have some sort of control or maintenance over circumstances, relationships, or at most my future. The truth yells into the story that if I would surrender my need to feed to fears and just rest in truth I would find the dark to be quite the bright space, as truth lights up even in the darkest of dark places.

Fear likes to be fed, with my insecurities, my questions, my doubts. Truth feeds love, grace, patience, and most of all, salvation. Most of all, in the absence of truth fear reigns. In the presence of truth, fear is cast out.

I sought the LORD and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.-Psalm 34:4

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