Top Five Addictions-The Holiday Edition

Top Five Friday is back…thanks to Annie for the inspiration for these posts. She’s the originator of the idea, so hop on over and check hers out.

I was joking the other day with a friend about my secret addictions. While not truly harmful in the way we often think when the word “addiction” is thrown out, they are probably not the best for me. So here we go, my top five addictions for the this time of year. It’s those things that are a must to make it the holidays, to put one in the mood to enjoy this season of the year.

treecakes_van1. Christmas Tree Cakes from Little Debbie. You know it’s bad when your family texts you about them. I hoard these things because they are amazing and lovely and full of deliciousness. I’ve already gone through one box (thanks to my boss) and another is halfway done (thanks to my Mom). There are two kinds, the one pictured to the left there is the one I like-white frosting and white creme. They also have chocolate covered and filled (bleck!). You can have those, just back off these.

2. Peppermint Mocha Creamer from International Delight. imagesIt is like a mug of magical goodness every morning. While I do enjoy the Starbucks loveliness, this is much cheaper. As soon as they start selling it in November, I buy it. Sadly, I do hoard this as well. My mom has given me the tip of freezing it so that I can continue to have it after they stop producing at Christmas. I think that I like the novelty though of having it only around this time. The same goes for anything peppermint-flavored such as M&Ms (oh my heavens are those good).


images3. Meltaway Mints from Hickory Farms. These suckers are out in the mall-which is trouble when you’re trying to Christmas shop. I pass on the summer sausage and cheeses, but these call out to me like a beacon of hope and joy. I have, in all honesty, sat down with the smaller bag and eaten them all at once. Then I have subsequently gotten ill from it. Lesson learned mints, lesson learned. I’m not sure why I love them as much as I do, but again, I only have them during the holidays (and Santa usually drops a bag in my stocking for good measure). If you haven’t tried them, they are horrible and you should stay away from them. Believe me I am saving you all from utter disgustingness.

4. The Christmas Card on Hallmark Channel. Now that I have proven what aimages fat kid I am with all the food-related addictions, I can now live fully into my single girl status and say I watch the Hallmark Channel. This tv movie premiered several years ago. And it’s not the holidays until I have seen it at least twice. My mom calls to tell me when it’s on, so I have even gotten her in on my addiction. Last year, we piled into her room to watch on Christmas night. It’s campy and cheesy but so nice to enjoy and be in the holiday spirit.

images5. Holiday Movies. So there are essentially two movies that must be watched at least once for it to be the holidays. The first is Love Actually. My sister and I have a tradition of watching it together while I am in town over the holiday break. It’s a must. The other is Elf. It’s on about nine hundred times, and I got to see it last night at the gym for the first time this year. Believe me I had great difficulty not “Singing loud for all to hear!!” while I was running on the treadmill. Can we make Buddy the real Elf on the Shelf instead of that creepo one that makes messes the parents have to clean up?


So what are some of your holiday addictions? Share them below!

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