I Wish You Could See Me Now…

How different would my life look if I was radically obedient?

As I write this post, I sit in a comfy chair with a $5 coffee on the armrest at my favorite coffee shop. You might have heard of this little place that has free wi-fi…Starbucks they call it. The place is packed with individuals working on projects, catching up, and fellow bloggers. I have spent the better part of my day reading posts and Tweets about the firing of the head football coach at my alma mater. I found that I got angrier and angrier the longer I read the rants and such about his departure.

In the midst of cleaning I realized why it was bothering me so much. It was because the people who were the ones being jubilant in someone losing their job were people I would consider friends. These were friends I had made during college. They were the ones I loved and spent so much of my time with at some pivotal moments of life. And they were the ones that I was embarrassed to be associated with today. It made me sad. Then I realized something so huge that I was afraid to admit it.

I’m not who I was. I am not the girl who used to wait in lines for football tickets. The girl who would skip her 8am class just because I had the freedom to not go to class if I didn’t have to go. I am no longer the girl who skipped church because I’d not gotten in until 3am.

I am now the woman who gets up at 5 am daily so I can have time alone with God before starting my day. I am now the woman who prays for her friends daily and seeks deep conversations about friends’ lives because life is not meant to be lived shallowly. I am now the woman who knows the only freedom I have is in Christ and it’s not to be abused.

Being obedient has shifted me…little by little, without me taking stock and seeing that until today when I looked back.

Now I sit in Starbucks wondering if I got out of my comfortable spot, what would radical obedience bring? The only firm answer I do have for that is glory to God.

One thought on “I Wish You Could See Me Now…

  1. Thats one of those AAAH HA moments! Its eye opening to see how we change as we grow older…and I must say im honored to call you my friend. I love u and the woman u hqve become

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