Crafternoon Delight

Saturday, after much shenanigans with Ashley Home Furniture’s ill-attempted delivery of half of my furniture, I got to craft. And craft I did. I’d been channeling alot of my ideas into Pinterest folders without following up. With the holidays quickly upon us I realized I needed to get a few off of my boards and into real life.
After posting the photos on Facebook and Instagram I had several ask me how to do some of the crafts. I thought I’d post them all up here for everyone to see. I have a music-themed living area downstairs so these all go with that as well.

The Record Side Table

Take a vinyl album. I used one I purchased from Goodwill earlier in the day since it was half-off Saturday. For two dollars I snagged four albums to use in my crafting. Sidenote: I definitely scoped out ones with interesting names or songs on them. Use only the vinyl itself and not the cover. I saved the covers to use as project mat boards.

Wipe down the album with a wet paper towel, and then dry it off. This will get the grit and grime out of the grooves. For the base, you’ll need a plant stand. I picked this one up at Lowe’s for around $12 on Saturday. The top is smaller than the circumference of the album, which is vital for this project. You will use a hot glue gun to go around the top circle of the stand. Note: You will need to move quickly as the hot glue will dry fast.

Place album on top of the glue part of the circle and press. Allow to dry. I went back in and filled in underneath with additional glue in order to get a firm hold. I realized then that the table wasn’t as stable as I would like it to be in the center. So I pulled two more vinyl albums out that I had procured at Goodwill and went to securing them slightly askew onto the top of the first one. Let dry.

Voila! I now have a new side table for my couch. The top one? The soundtrack to the motion picture, “Nashville” I found this summer at a flea market. The cover is framed in my living room now.

Total cost of project: $12 for table, 50 cents for records = $13.50 (already had glue gun)


The Vinyl Bowl

This one I have my lovely sister to thank for sending the website how-to to me. I had seen these for sale at various places for $15-20 depending on the place. What astounded me was the fact people would ruin perfectly good albums in order to have these bowls. So I used the cheap albums from Goodwill to try this out.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Place a glass bowl, like to the right, upside down on a cookie sheet. Place the vinyl on top of the upside down bowl. Bake for 20 minutes. No more, no less.

As soon as you remove the vinyl from the oven, immediately flip it into a larger size bowl. It will start to cool and reform the second you get it out of the oven, so have this bowl at the ready. Allow to cool inside the bowl and form up.


You’ll have a decoration to talk about that you did yourself! Total cost of project: 50 cents for album!


The Window Bulletin Board

This one was the beast. It took a bit more work but totally worth it in how it turned out. I stumbled upon the window frame at CrossPoint’s College Yard Sale Friday night. I was helping out and saw this beauty. I gave a donation to get it, as it went to sponsor a student at the Passion Conference.

First I sanded it outside (it was pretty today so I took advantage of the weather). I got a sanding sponge from Wal-Mart in the “Do It Yourself” area. I hit every nook and cranny to get the paint sanded down, as well as some junk off the frame itself. It took about 15 minutes of hard sanding on both side.  I liked the handles on this side of the frame so I thought I’d use it as my “show” side. I wiped it all down with Windex and a paper towel.

Next I used some roll corkboard on the bottom half. I have to be honest here and say this cork was difficult to work with, and very thin. It had adhesive on the back so stuck well, but one misstep and I had to chuck half the roll because it ripped being pulled back up. It’s too thin to use a normal tack, so I will be going back over this with another layer of cork. I purchased this at Hobby Lobby, and should have gone with the other brand. (The woo of the adhesive backing got me) However I pressed on.

The top was initially going to be bulletin board too, but with the fiasco on the bottom, I decided to get creative with what I had on hand…Mod Podge. Every crafters go-to. I found old concert and football tickets and layered on Mod Podge. Stuck the tickets on, allowed to set, added another layer of Mod Podge. Allow it to dry between coats. Then I added another coat. It will look milky going on, but dries clear.

I still need to afix hanging wire to the back so I can mount it in my new writing corner (where I am posting from currently). I may add a few more tickets to shows on the panel. Overall, I am really happy with how this turned out despite the cork issues.

Total project cost: $20 Donation to CP College for window pane, $5 for cork, $3 for sanding sponge = $28 for custom bulletin/memorabilia board (I already had Mod Podge and applicator)



Hopefully I can share more with you all as I continue to craft through the holidays…this will include massive amounts of baking too! Happy Crafternoon everyone!

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