The Plane! The Plane!!

On average there are roughly 375 flights that arrive and depart from Nashville’s BNA Airport daily. I would say about 30% of those can be heard from my house, daily. Many times they are low-flying and loud. In the five months I have been here, I have grown used to the sounds. I don’t take note of them nearly as much as I did when I first moved in. My former place was in the basement and I got used to the sound of people walking over my head. Now I no longer have that sound, and it’s odd that I don’t miss it-even though I had gotten used to it.

Do you ever notice that in your life?

You get accustomed to a sound, or a certain spot, or even a person that you often take for granted that it/they were not there before. Lately I have been reflecting on love with that lens. Specifically I have been thinking on God’s love and how familiar it is to me. It’s comforting, filling, and binding in my life.

However, one of my greatest fears as of late is that I have lost the meaning of His love. Because of it’s familiarity and consistency I have become numb to it’s existence in my life. I have rested on the fact of His love being ever present, without resting in His love. Knowledge and belief are two vastly different things, where knowledge can be mistaken for belief. Knowing something is true and believing something to be true are examples of that mistake.

My prayer for this moment is I would bask in His love, believing that His love resides in me, speaking through me, and pouring me out. May I never take for granted the love which so boldly pursued me.

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