Top Five Friday Returns!

It’s been on hiatus for a while but it is now back. This idea came from Annie over here.  Check her out by the way, because she is phenomenal!

So today’s top five is music themed, as it should be. Every so often I like to share what I am currently listening to and what is getting the most rotations in my Spotify list.

1. Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” I have been listening to them for the last couple of months off and on. By pure happenstance and blind luck I got to see them play this song and “It’s Time” on Monday at a secret show thanks to Lightning 100 here in Nashville. Hearing this song acoustic was something to truly experience. They are really talented guys who are incredibly nice and thankful for their fans.

2. Mumford and Sons “Hopeless Wanderer” This song just grips me deep in my heart. I wish I could put words to it, but there are no words to say but just listen.

3.  Chris Tomlin “White Flag” The worship team at CrossPoint sang this about a month ago and I cannot stop listening to it. It’s such a baring song for my heart right now.

4. Seryn “We Will All Be Changed” If they play in your area, go see them. I have been listening to them now for almost a year after Jon Acuff posted about them one day. I got to see them at the Quitter Conference last month, and I almost cried when my faulty car cd player held their cd hostage. (It still is holding it hostage by the way) Their passion for music is unmistakable.

5. For King and Country “Proof of Your Love” This will make me cry, hands down right now. I have listened to it on repeat for multiple days in a row. For King and Country are a great band that I highly recommend, but this song may be the best one I have heard in a while.

I could write about forty more songs on here, but I had to narrow it down to most played currently. What’s some of your favorite music right now?

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