McDonalds and a Homeless Man

Last month I started a the idea of One Cup here on the blog. I wanted to be intentional about life and conversation, and ultimately relationships. I’m pretty bad at them in general if I was to be honest. And if you can’t be honest on your own blog, then where can you be? I use the excuse of “I’m busy” alot with friends but I am now making margins in my life to allow for relationships and new friends to grow. So over the six weeks I have been fortunate enough to have coffee with some amazing people, that dove deeper into who they are and their stories.

In talking with the Stretch group I am in at CrossPoint, I shared how this is a way I am intentionally loving others recklessly as I set myself, my time, and my money aside for others. In the back of my mind, I knew God was calling me to obedience about a particular individual I needed to have coffee with. It was something I had neglected since I moved to Nashville, and He got to putting right in my path daily.  So when I formulated this whole One Cup idea, God said “Yep, I got the perfect person already lined up for you to have coffee with.”

Each morning on my drive into work from my new place (I’ve lived there for four months, it’s still new to me) there is a McDonald’s on the corner. I literally cannot avoid it. I’m not a fan of Mickey D’s in general but will stop in out of convenience. I noticed a Contributor salesman on the corner as you exit the McDonalds one morning. Luckily I had cash on me (which I usually never do) and rolled down the window to purchase one. That first encounter with him still sticks with me. He has the best demeanor and attitude of anyone I have come into contact with, despite the weather and his circumstances.

We have had these similar interactions now for four months. Sometimes if there’s no one behind me, we’ll chat for a few moments about life. He is constantly waving, regardless of the fact people are hurrying around trying to avoid eye contact with him or just too busy with life.

Ultimately I knew God was pushing on me to have coffee with him, and I avoided it. I wouldn’t have cash on me, or I’d wake up late and hurry to work. I’d make any excuse to not have coffee with this man. So two weeks ago I made a promise to my Stretch group that I would have coffee with him. Circumstances happened to which that didn’t happen and then yesterday this news report came on about a homeless man being executed as he slept on a bench by an unknown assailant. It ripped my heart apart. I got angry and I got upset watching the nonsense of this act. The news continued to report on how violence against the homeless had increased for no apparent reason. I knew God was reminding me in that report of how He’s called me to love on and spend time intentionally with this population as I used to do while in Knoxville.

So this morning, I stopped for coffee with my friend at McDonald’s. We had a brief chat and he left me with these words: “Have a blessed day!”

I hope you do the same.

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