Failure is an Option.

I hate failing. Failure is such a strong fear of mine that I often do not even attempt something or pursue something. I am beginning to see how it is connected to approval addiction-something that creeps back into my life if I am not careful to keep it in check.

If I really considered failure, I would see that it is truly inevitable, in parts of my life. Learning to drive for the first time? I failed the driver’s test for my permit. I attempted to learn how to drive a stick shift one time with my sister. I have owned nothing but automatics if that tells you how well that went. To my credit, my sister only gave me five attempts.

But there are things I will fail at. It is in that failure how I choose to 1-react and 2-Who I see reflected in it.

If I stopped to see what failure is inherently designed for, I would see it’s meant to remind me of how sovereign God is, that I am completely reliant upon Him, and He is infallible and perfect. I am dependent solely upon Him to learn, to grow, and to understand. He uses different outlets, circumstances, and people for that dependence reminder.

Do I view failure as God exhibiting pure patience with me?

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