Signs, Signs, Everywhere is Signs…

I love watching American Pickers, because Frank loves old signs.  I also love it for what they end up picking from people. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Frank has this fascination with finding old signs that people have collected or bought over the years. It’s really cool to see the state of some of the signs based upon how they were cared for over the years.
The other morning I was thinking about signs on my way through the 12 South district into work. I noticed that about every 10 feet there was a sign related to traffic or driving, whether it be a pedestrian crosswalk (and there’s one every five feet in 12 South) or speed limit or road construction. But they are nestled next to these beautiful trees that are now losing their leaves. I found it interesting that the placement of these signs would be in a way so that they would become almost camouflaged by the trees.

Do you ever feel like the signs for your own life are hidden by the trees? They are nestled within something else that seems so good that you miss the warning up ahead. I know I miss them alot of times. Then say, “Well I didn’t see that warning!” When I reflect, I vaguely recall seeing some sort of sign warning of impending issues. They were hidden from my direct view as I was concentrated on the things that were deceptively good around them and not the bright yellow CAUTION sign.
Signs give us a slight nudge that maybe we should slow down, rethink the current path we are on, and recalculate the costs to us in continuing on. Signs allow us to measure out the where and how of our choices, and aligning with the understanding of our consequences.  Signs are there to guide us, provided we realize and recognize them in our own lives. If we aren’t consciously aware of the signs, then we are only blinding ourselves to the real issues within our lives. It can be a slippery slope into denial and self-preservation.

“It is not the inherently evil that we should be concerned with, but the deceptively good.”

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