Be Awesome-er

Let’s all agree that we can all rock a pretty mean air guitar. We all feel like we could be on stage with Def Leppard as their lead guitarist any night of the week back in the 80’s. We got this.

I watched the other day at the gym as a guy on the treadmill agreed with this statement. He wanted to show us all just how awesome he was, so he rocked out while running. I wish I had asked him what song he was playing on his air guitar. You want to know why? Because I’d like to be awesome-er.

I would like to show off my awesome skills, while also running for a few miles. Is that a race yet? Is there a 5K for this? If not, there should be. Nashville needs to jump on this as I feel like those two things we do well, play air guitar and run.

We don’t like to talk about how to be awesome, or in some cases more awesome. We prefer to dumb down who we are, wave it away when we do something worth celebrating. Why? Because we like to discount who we are, and the God who works in us far too much and far too easily.

We tell others, “Oh this, it’s nothing” or “I’m not really that good at this.” Let’s stop doing that. Of all the things we do stop, that should be the first. Celebrate who you are in God, and what He’s doing in you. The world has enough of average, when we need more awesome. Don’t shy away from what God has blessed you with.

When you discount who you are, you discount the God of the universe and what He’s doing in you, through you, with you. Choose to be awesome-er.

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