Sucker Punching Wednesday

I used to be the biggest night owl around. It’d be 3am before I’d roll into bed and then drag myself to class at 8am (or 9am in some cases). I’d be lethargic and worn down by 2pm and need a nap. That all flipped for me as grad school started. I had to manage my time wisely and efficiently between class, homework, a full-time job, and an assistantship. I look back and say, “Wow, that wasn’t me…that was some robot pursuing that.”

It was me though. I remember it was me, and those nights of managing 80 pages of reading while working on a 20 page paper after having dealt with unloading a shipment of truck, knowing that the next day I would need to be advising a student group on one of the largest events at UT. I’m not bragging, as that’s not the way to do it.

It struck me though, that somewhere along the way I became a morning person. Just like my parents. For as long as I can remember both of my parents have been up before 5 am. I always wondered if I was the neighbor’s kid, since I would physically be drug from my bed on Saturdays at noon.

My dad would always tell me, “You’re sleeping your day away.

Now I see that for truth, as I pursue this dream of writing, while having a career that is not a typical 9am-5pm. While having a life that doesn’t stop at 7pm every night. My days were spent pursuing sleep and lethargy rather than a dream and the answer to a call on my heart since childhood.

Intentionality is key when wanting to pursue this, and lately I have not been intentional. I have been lazy. I have not set myself up for success when I stay up later than I know my body and mind can handle. I caught myself slipping into habits which were not the best for me as a Quitter. Today is about sucker punching Wednesday as I write at 4:30am, letting Wednesday know that I beat you to today, and I am not sleeping it away.

So I encourage all of you who say “I cannot do it” to tell you that you can. Set yourself up for success by being intentional, by pouring who you were out and start putting who you are meant to be into your dream. You’d be surprised at how good a solid sucker punch can be.

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