Reflections from a Quitter Pt. 1

Last weekend I had the immense opportunity to participate in the Quitter Conference. Quitter is a book by Jon Acuff on bridging the gap from your day job to your dream job. I have to be honest, as I know several of my supervisors read this blog (I see you A and B), and say that I truly love my career. God has called me to work in a higher education setting with college students. I get joy from what I do, and while there may be times of stress I know at the end of the day or week or year that I get to pour into the lives of college students and their development. That for me is why I serve in the role I do in my career.

So Quitter was a leap for me as I wasn’t looking to get out of a miserable job or jump careers…and frankly, that’s not what Quitter is, to me at least. For me, the first big realization is that I can have a dream and love what I do in my calling, those don’t have to be an either-or situation. The second one was a bit rougher and it took me several days of reflecting before I could process it into words.

For too long I have said my dream is to pursue missional work in Haiti. While I will not discount that dream in the least, neither will I allow the lessening of my passion for the Haitian people, I realize my dream was more selfish in its pursuits. And to be honest I wasn’t really pursuing it with any kind of passion.

Right now, my dream is to write. It’s also my biggest fear. Ask my colleagues. I have absolutely zero faith in my writing, and I don’t post half of what I write. I have allowed fear to tell me that I am not good. I have allowed it to destroy a dream I have honestly held since I was a kid. I have loved to write, I just never felt confident in it. I am beginning to see that God has plans for this dream and that I have to stop buying into the lie that fear is telling me that its not perfect and no one cares what I write ultimately.

A great dream is hidden in a great weakness. -Jon Acuff

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