I’m Still Re(ck)less…

My sister and my mom were telling me yesterday about how much fun my nephews had at my parents’ house on Friday. Captain Chaos and the Toothless Wonder discovered the very big hill in their back yard (it’s been there the whole time, only it’s new to them). They began to roll down the hill, tuck and roll style. No regard for safety or how their clothes might look, what might scrape them up. They went without abandon down the hill, over and over again.

We lose that sense of abandon somewhat as we grow older. We channel it into being reckless with our words, our thoughts in such a way that hurts others. We channel it into our actions that harm ourselves, rather than fill us with joy. I can attest to that as I have often chosen to live recklessly, without thought of consequence to myself or others, and it’s been the wrong way to choose to live.

What if we chose to live recklessly with love?

What if we chose to be reckless with words of forgiveness, encouragement, and peace?

What if we stopped recklessly harming ourselves or others and began to recklessly embrace a life of serving Christ?

What if the recklessness of our love flowed into every piece of our lives, regardless of what it may look like, or what we may look like?

It just might mean we climb that hill again and again, faces red, out of breath, debris all over our clothes…full of joy and reckless love.

How can you love recklessly today?

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