Feelings, It’s Gotta Be More Than Feelings…

How do you feel? You feeling okay today? Well, that doesn’t feel right.

As humans, we exist and emote. It sets us apart from most other mammals in that way. Feelings get hurt, encouraged, and empathized. We put alot of stock into feelings.

Often though, we confuse feelings and obedience.

I see this very profoundly in my nephews. Captain Chaos gets in trouble quite often because he doesn’t feel like minding what he has been told to do. He’ll even be honest and let you know he doesn’t feel like it.

As adults, we find ways of sneaking around obedience to mask it in feelings of tiredness, apprehension, and apathy, when in fact it’s outright disobedience.

We’ve become closed off to just how disobedient we are as believers. We’d rather pick one another apart than obey the Sovereign God of us all, me included. Perhaps if we all realized that obedience isn’t a feeling but rather a commandment the kingdom, and our lives especially, would look vastly different.

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