I Resemble the Eye of Mordor, ALOT.

There used to be a joke in my family that anytime we saw a cop arresting someone, or heard someone was in jail, we’d immediately say, “Oh, I bet it was because of drugs.” It was, in part, a bit of a razzing of my mom. She said it once or twice and it stuck. That and the ever popular Guess Who? the funeral version.

I am reminded of that in a quote from Blake Bergstrom: “What we see depends upon what we look for.” You see, I have to work at seeing others as God sees them. I was not born with this loving, embracing eye in which I automatically see the good and potential in others. I have the critic’s eye, years of experiences and relationships have formed it. It’s not something I like about myself, and something I truly struggle with God on daily. Often it’s the worst when I turn the eye back on myself, much like the Eye of Mordor (yes I am a geek).

However, I know there is a God who doesn’t see me for the screw I am, the girl who struggles with approval addiction, and intense feelings of inadequacy. He sees His child, full of potential and willingness to serve with an open heart. Moment by moment I work to see who God sees. It is a war that I constantly must engage in in order to be the child of God whom He sees.

Slowly I am viewing others with His eyes, and building relationships with others who look alot like me-broken, loving and engaging.

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