I’m Not Normal. Neither Are You.

“Life as a believer shouldn’t make sense.”

That thought struck me this morning as I sat in church. My life over the last 18 months hasn’t made much sense. It’s felt like a wild ride that I do not recall requesting or fastening my seat belt for. To look at all the twists, turns, and flips life has taken would be too much to do here. This morning I sat in a church I first visited over three years ago, not even knowing I’d be attending there weekly just 18 months later. I know there’s a purpose in me being called to this particular church now. God needed to get some stuff cleared up in me that I was not ready to deal with a year ago. He had to get me away from myself in alot of ways.

In looking at all this, I have to laugh. It’s been anything but scripted or normal. But who ever said that life as a believer would be normal? And what exactly is the standard for that? I am tired of hearing that phrase “just be normal” so I am putting a moratorium on it.

Christ did not call us to a life of normal-that is what the Pharisees had on lock down already. He called out the wild ones, the average ones to take on a life that would not be there own, they would die to selves, and journey through this redemptive story with a Savior who gave up His seat at the right hand for us all. We are called to what is wildly unpredictable yet secure in a Sovereign God.

So with that, I would like to invite you onto the ride of the next year. I am excited, hopeful, and praying through it all. I have a feeling it’s about to really take off.

Fasten your seat belts and Jesus, take the wheel…

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