“Sorry, we are at capacity.”

I had to repeat that phrase multiple times on Saturday evening at an event. Multiple times I, along with my supervisor and my colleague, had to apologize to students because we had exceeded capacity at the Throwback Prom an organization was sponsoring. For almost 90 minutes 200 students stood in line, just to get in and enjoy dancing in sequin dresses to Whitney Houston. Yes, this is part of my job.

I couldn’t help but think on this yesterday…and marvel that students would do this for a free event. It had been marketed well all week, word of mouth had spread it across campus, and it was the thing to do, costume and all.

I began to see a parallel to my relationship with Christ while contemplating things. It’s a free thing, my relationship with Him. It cost Him everything in order to invite me to the party. The party He threw just for me. So often I would rather stand outside looking in rather than participate because I think He’s over capacity for people who can be in relationship with Him, for people who can see life as a party and enjoy what all God can do if we can just come inside. I think I have to wait for someone to exit the party before I can go in. I believe that God will turn me away and make me wait my turn.

Here’s the rub: He swings every door open for me to come on in, I just have to make that move to go, enjoy…

Today, I crossed the entryway into the party…

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