Top Five Friday-Stress Relievers

Right now is an incredibly busy time in my profession. I am quite certain that this year, this week has been more intense, more tiring, and more gratifying than any in my seven years in higher education work. As you probably noticed the posts were few this week, and Wednesday’s was photos from my weekend in Bristol seeing Mumford and Sons. As much as I would like to apologize, I won’t. Instead I will give you my top five stress relievers that I enjoy, especially during this time of year.


1. Baking. I’m a stress baker. I will purposefully bake for shear mind-clearing time. I have to focus on that alone when I bake or you will severely screw something up. My coworkers know I’m stressed when I have a large Tupperware container in tow. They’ve been getting on to me about making them fat, so now that students are returning they will receive the fruits of my stress.
2. Crafting. With the rise of Pinterest last year, my crafting took on monumental efforts. I have created some awesome gifts for others, and some home decor of my own. I have discovered a love of painting that I never really knew I had. It’s also saved me money on decor pieces or settling for something when I didn’t like it or it didn’t exactly match what I was aiming for.

3. SongPop app. This is a recent discovery/obsession for my stress. I love music, this allows me to compete with people on music snippets. Genius! And it fulfills my competitive nature.

4. Running. This is also a recent uptake of mine. I’ve started a run trainer program and I am loving it. My hip flexors are sore, but I feel accomplished at the end of a 30 minute run. This is not something I have felt before.

5. Reading. Shocker that I would love reading. I have moved around alot in what I have been reading as of late. However I am entrenched in the Game of Thrones series and am awaiting its availability via the Nashville Public Library once more. I’m also in the middle of Myra McEntire’s Hourglass (I highly recommend this book).


So what do you do to relieve stress? Anything you’d suggest for this highly stressed lady right here….?

3 thoughts on “Top Five Friday-Stress Relievers

  1. My personal stress reliever is knitting and crocheting. I love it. I believe it to be very therapeutic as well. I turned to it when I was going through very hard times in my teenage years, and it just kind of stuck. I like a very tranquil place to crochet or knit. Burn some incense or some oils and “De-stress” 🙂 hope that helps 🙂

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