Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to college I go!

I journeyed home over the weekend to attend a concert (shocking I know). In that short time I was home my mom and I got to talking about college. Several of my second cousins are starting college this year from what mom was telling me and one of them was having a hard time processing that. It made me feel for her as she’s a cool young woman who I see a lot of potential in how God will mold her and use her. She reminds me a little of myself too.

That got my mom and I discussing my first year at college and the move in. I was that independent child who wanted out of town as soon as graduation was over. I love my hometown now, but then I couldn’t get it in my rear view quick enough. Until I got to the I-40/I-81 split on that Saturday morning That’s when I started crying seeing my mom follow me with our cars packed with all this dorm stuff (FYI, it’s a residence hall and not a dorm to those of us in higher ed).

All my toughness and stubbornness was worn away. I wanted my mom to not leave me in that room with a girl I didn’t know. Now I realize that was part of my development as a student and as a person. Most of all I remember walking into my room in South Carrick for the first time thinking, “I’m sharing this space?!” My mom was there to help me make it feel like home and decorate it with stuff that would make me comfortable.

My question for you is, what’s your strongest memory from your first days of college?

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