Put Your Books Away, Summer’s Over.

Today marks the beginning of the semester for those of us who work in higher education. Classes don’t start until next week where I work, but this week is vital to next week’s success. Planning and preparation all summer have gone into the next four days of training and sharing. We call it Week1, one spirit one purpose.

That thought excites me, and this time of year energizes me as a professional and a person. I know that all summer we point towards this week as a game-changer in many ways for how this semester and year will operate. Student leaders will work this week on goals and outcomes for all programs and events this year. They will come together as a community in order to build a bigger community with new students arriving this weekend.

It’s the promise of newness. The excitement of possibilities and time. Most of all, it’s the time to begin and to work. I pray for these students as we begin the year that they may be open and obedient to how God would use them this year in their leadership roles, in peer relationships, and in new community that they build. My prayer is for them to grow as students but also to grow in God. May He guide us all through the upcoming year to do what is right, good, and brings glory to Him.

All hard work brings a profit,
    but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 14:23

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