A dwelling is a term for a home typically. One definition for it is lingering somewhere. That one stuck. I have been dwelling on a verse as of late and keep coming back to the New Life translation of it.

Do your best to add holy living to your faith.
Then add to this a better understanding.
As you have a better understanding, be able to say no when you need to.
Do not give up.
And as you wait and do not give up, live God-like.
-2 Peter 1:5-6

I’m not sure where you all are at currently in life, your faith journey, or in a circumstance. Those words are an encouragement, a two-by-four to the face, and a challenge. Stop and dwell today….linger here on what those words mean to you specifically.

Faith is built on the Cornerstone. Piece by piece is laid upon Him if we take time to linger at each brick and place it properly. Giving over to selfish desires, wants, and finding Him there in the dwelling.

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