Questioning Tuesday

I love reading.  Learner is my number one Strength and it somewhat defines much about my personality. When I read, I get lost in whatever it is I am reading whether that is professional development for my career, spiritual development for myself, or brain candy for fun. Reading to me is one of the most fundamental maps for a person to seek out knowledge, and appreciate others for their ornate gift of writing.

As I was reading the other day I stumbled across a profound quote in the midst of a work of fiction. It made me pause to consider how that is so very true in the autobiography world. The quote was:

“The map is one thing; the land quite another.”

It is so very true. Too often we prepare, we read all the charts and maps for life. Yet, once we are in the situation, in the career, in the moment, the landscape looks vastly different than it did from the map. It’s not exactly as smooth as we recall. The map did not depict the high weeds or trees that it should have on this path, forcing us to cut away or diverge onto another path.

My question for you today is: How do you handle the land when it looks different than you had envisioned from the map?

Psalm 119:105 Your Word is a lamp for my feet and light on my path.

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