Slipping into a Mess

Pride is a nasty thing, even for Christians. I might even wager a bet that we find ourselves wrestling with it more than we think.

I know I do. But I like to do the “as bad as” comparison. Yes I may have pride, but at least it’s not as bad as (insert person with piles of pride). Pride is still pride, regardless of how much or how little you have. I find I get prideful over the most ridiculous things, including my opinion or the lens through which I view situations. You know what I see in that statement, alot of myself. Alot of me, and not alot of Him.

I think if I examined myself more for pride, I would find it’s woven in alot of the situations I have found myself in that were uncomfortable and frustrating. If I had let go of my pride, humbled myself and allowed God to work, things would have been much different. However, now I have the opportunity to learn from those times and realize I do carry pride, too often very blatantly and like a badge of honor.

In Second Chronicles 32, we find Hezekiah, a godly king who followed the Lord’s commands. He saw great success in his reign for he consulted with Isaiah and truly sought God’s commands for his kingdom. When you’re reading this passage, if you’re not careful you will miss his pride sneak onto the scene and muddy the waters. It snuck in the sentence after he grew ill and was healed by the Lord. This passage is found in three different books of the Bible, and yet pride only shows up in this instance. I find it interesting as I often question why some stories repeat in several books. This is why. Pride looks different to different people. What one person viewed as the conclusion to Hezekiah’s story was the moment sin took hold and made a mess of things for a man.

The same can be said for me. If I am not humbling areas of my life, pride can slip in and make a mess and attempt to worm its way around in my life, and ultimately the lives of others. Pride’s a slippery sucker, and too often it can slide right through our grasp if we let it.


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