Top Five Birthday Gift Requests

So my birthday is a week and a half away. I get excited for birthdays to the point of uncontrollable giddiness. I think they are special, each person has one, and they should be rightfully celebrated. Parties were thrown as a kid, and inevitably gifts were given that maybe weren’t what I wanted at the time. Amazon now has the lovely wish list in which you can tell people what you want, without really making a big deal about it. I use that sucker like crazy. I have lists of varying natures that include vinyl albums I’m stockpiling for when I come into much money and can afford to buy them all to professional development books for my job to movies I don’t own yet.

This Friday, as we do every Friday, thanks to Annie over at for the idea, there’s  a run down of my favorite things. Today’s include one realistic birthday gift preference, and four preposterous ones. I’ll let you decide which is which.

1. The 365 Journal from Kikki-K. It’s awesome. I’m in love with it, and I don’t even own it. I love journaling and I love the blog of ideas for each day’s entry. Check out the journal here and the blog here for inspiration.

2. The Autograph. For now three years, my sister has requested an autograph photo from Peter Alexander for my birthday and/or Christmas gift. And for three years I have not gotten one. The first time she told me about it, I laughed and thought “How sweet of my sister!” You see, I have a nerdish crush on news correspondents. Secretly that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. Very Rory Gilmore in nature and so I love watching news channels. I recall seeing Peter on the Today Show first, and thinking, “Well he’s adorable, funny, and sharing news coverage. I enjoy him.” He quickly became a favorite, and thus my sister’s pursuance of an autograph photo of him for my birthday. So this year Peter Alexander, I’m calling your bluff and asking you to ante up said autograph photo.

3. Dinner, Top Chef Style. Some of you may know my penchant for Top Chef on Bravo. In April I took a long weekend trip to Chicago with a friend and had the opportunity to eat at a couple of former cheftestant restaurants. I have been to two of Richard Blais’s places in Atlanta and Birmingham. This was a different caliber. We had reservations three months in advance, and barely got in. So I have now checked off three cheftestants from my list of restaurants I want to try (and trust me if you are ever in Chicago, have reservations at The Girl and the Goat and Sable. You’ll be glad you did). So my next birthday gift is a private dinner prepared by Hosea Rosenburg in Denver. He runs Blackbelly Catering and pop-up dinners. He is a favorite chef of mine, and I am constantly following his work. (Foodie geek moment, I commented something on Twitter and he responded…yes I’m that big of nerd) So my birthday dinner would be a menu set up by them and prepared in a farmhouse style setting in the Denver area.

4. Front Row for Kelly Clarkson. Yes, I am a Kelly fan. I have been since the inception of American Idol. If I could have a girl crush, it would be her. Her and Natalie Portman. She’s been in concert a couple of times in the area, but I haven’t been able to go due to other conflicts. This woman is the epitome of what self-confidence looks like for a woman. She is strong, and yet able to say she’s vulnerable. I love that. I love her music. It doesn’t hide the fact it’s more pop than anything else, and that is a-okay with me. I’d want to be front row only because I get distracted at concerts by other attendees and the front is the only place I don’t. I’m just owning the fact I have concert ADD slightly.

5. A Different Shade of Blue. With Peyton Manning now a Bronco, my entire Colt collection of paraphernalia needs to be converted. But most of all, I want to see him play in person. So my final birthday request is for a trip to Denver (which could include #3 as well) to see the Broncos play…and meet Peyton of course. After all this is my birthday wish.

One thought on “Top Five Birthday Gift Requests

  1. Haha these are AMAZING!! Love this list, seriously. I think you should add a plane ticket to go meet Peter Alexander and just get the autograph in person. In fact, I’m sure that’s what he is waiting on…YOU! 😉

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