The Child You May Not Know About.

For those of you who have read the blog for a while, or who know me personally, you know about my child. You know the love and heartbreak I have for her. She’s not what you all might be thinking of. You see, I am a sponsor of a orphan in Haiti. She’s a beautiful spirited nine year old who resides in Arcahaie, Haiti with 75 other orphans under the care of One Vision International.Her name is Malina, and I got to meet her a year ago.

She’s one child in a country full of abandoned children, and abandoned people. It’s been almost 30 months since the earthquake in Haiti that devastated an already impoverished land, and left these children without loving families to care for them.

In raw honesty, my heart is in Haiti still with them. There will be moments in a week where I will stop and just cry because I know the conditions they are in are not what most children live in here in the States, but I know at least they are getting three meals that day and being taught. My measly $25 a month goes to support her education, her health, and her well-being. I sit and cry now knowing there’s so much more they don’t realize they don’t have. They have one another though, through it all. The kids are protective of one another, and are a family. I thank God they have that blessing. And I pray for her, and all the kids at OVI’s orphanage.  But I know I’m a bad sponsor…I don’t write to her as I challenge myself to do each month. I don’t pray for her daily as I feel like I should. Most of all, I can’t rescue her from a life in an orphanage. That is what breaks my heart.

You know what I can do though? I can tell her story. And the story of every child there in the orphanage, and of the people in Haiti. It is the very least I can do, after all they have given me so much and continue to do so. I can pray and speak out and give financially and physically to champion their voices.

I challenge you readers to be a voice…be a sponsor. You will be surprised at the impact it has on your own life and not just the lives of these amazing children and beautiful people of Haiti. (You can give to One Vision International by visiting their website here. And if you would be interested in a full sponsorship of $50 contact them at

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