Jon Acuff Ruined My Weekend.

Yes, you read that correctly. He ruined it. Flat out, demolished.

Let me back up a bit. Several weeks back, he spoke at the Tuesday evening worship I attend at Brentwood Baptist called Kairos. Let me tell you, if you’re in Nashville or the surrounding area, you should check this out. It’s a breath of life in the midst of the week.  Soap box: When did the church get away from having worship during the week? Let’s get back to that folks. Back to the story at hand. I purchased Jon’s newest book, Quitter, and debated on going to the conference at the end of September.

I started reading it, got way too uncomfortable in the challenges he was throwing out there like darts directed at my life. There were moments when I’d look over my shoulder to see if he was standing behind me, saying “Yeah, I meant that towards YOU.” So much like Chris August, I tried to Heisman him out. He didn’t make it into the freezer, yet. But I did put the book aside, thinking if I ignored Jon’s message which is clearly from God for my life, I’d be able to dodge it. It’s with a relative amount of certainty that I can say Jon didn’t write his book for that purpose. I could be wrong, and that may have to be a question asked him, but I truly believe he wrote it to challenge, inspire and support those who are battling a tension between what their day job and their dream is. It was like a book dose of conviction for me.

Now cut to this weekend, the book is snugly buried between a Bible and Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes on my coffee table, peeking out at me every time I sit down in front of the television. I have mastered the art of unresponsive ignoring from a life of stubbornness. So in the midst of this, I watched CrossPoint’s service online Sunday morning, and guess who the guest speaker was…that blasted Jon Acuff. I started watching, and he got after it once again with a message on reconciling a wonderful God with a horrible mess. I am not in a horrible mess…so I thought I was free and clear. Then Jon said these words, which just ruined my weekend, “What if God was big enough for your unedited thoughts?

I sat and stared, mouth slightly open.That statement cut right to the heart of the matter in all of this. I was dodging the truth of Jon’s words, specific ones God had given him, because I was questioning whether God could handle my unedited thoughts on some issues. Whether He could handle my insecurity at writing, which I have voiced to everyone but Him. Whether He could handle frustrations in friendships. Most of all, whether He could handle my honesty. Jon helped me get to the heart of the truth, and that is God can handle my unedited prayers, I just have to meet Him to do it, as He stands waiting.

So thank you Jon for ruining my weekend…it helped me push through tension and strain I had been careful to keep from a God who can handle it.


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