Top Five Sister Moments Friday

Today is my lovely and beautiful sister’s birthday, my older sister that is. We call it birthday month in our family since her’s kicks it off and mine winds up the month. So today, in honor of my sister from the same mister, I am giving a nod to my top five moments with her.

1. The NBA Playoffs Game. My sister was a big Detroit Pistons fan in the late 80s, early 90s. I remember sitting on her bed watching the Pistons play in the championship game. (and her subsequently kicking me off the bed with one quick shove from her foot, which I am positive I did nothing to instigate)

2. The Substitute. With the seven year age difference, my sister and I never shared friends, and were never in the same school together. Until high school that is. You see my sister, after graduating from college, thought that substituting in our hometown was a great idea while she applied to graduate school. It was a great idea, until she subbed at my high school. As a teenager, this embarrassed me to no end. However, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to get to ride with her to school, park in the teacher parking lot, and walk in the teacher entrance. Only once did she sub for a class I had. Thankfully it was Spanish and she showed a video.

3. The Vacuum Incident. This story is pretty widely known in my family, and is told often to highlight my stubborn, Miss Priss attitude I had as a child. (I grew out of that I am sure of it.) One Saturday morning while my sister was busily checking off her chores list (yes, we actually earned our allowance) I found my lazy self on the floor in front of the television. I was minding my own business while she was vacuuming the living room. From what she and my mom say my sister politely asked me to get out of the way so she could finish, to which I replied snottily, “Vacuum around me!” My sister, in all her venomous rage, then decided to vacuum up my beautiful straight hair as revenge. My hair had to be cut out of the vacuum right at my ears.

4. The Phone Call. It happened over nine years ago and I can still tear up remembering the phone call. I had just moved 4 hours away to Birmingham for my first big girl job out of college. As you can see from the above moments, my sister and I weren’t the best of buds growing up. It was rough since I was quite a bit younger and a tad brattish. However, once I was in college we grew close. It helped having her be in the same city where I was going to school and I could go there to do laundry and get a good meal. The week I moved I got really homesick. I distinctly remember sitting on the floor of my kitchen crying on the phone with my sister. She promised it would get better and that I had to see if this was what I should be doing. Later on I come to find out she looked at my brother in law and said she was going to come and get me in Alabama, at seven months pregnant. That’s sisterly love. It’s probably me at my worst, and the only person I’d let see me like that was my sister.

5. The Airport. After being on a mission trip in Mexico for a week, up for 36 hours straight, and not having showered in two days I have to say I was not a pretty sight to behold at 10pm the night of my 29th birthday. However my sister and my oldest nephew came to pick me up at the airport and wish me a happy birthday. They waited while I attempted to fill out a claim on a lost bag, then find said bag on the wrong cart at 11pm at night in the Knoxville airport. When we got out to the car, I was on the verge of tears and delirium from traveling all day and being stuck on runways. When I got in the car, she had a made me muffins and one of my birthday gifts was on the seat. She thought I should have something special on my actual birthday regardless of the circumstances.


She’s a pretty awesome sister, who I miss often now that we live 3 hours and a time zone away from one another. Now I look forward to sister weekends and wine and magazine parties (inside joke) and making my brother in law think we are incredibly weird when we start laughing for no reason at all. I love that we both love the same band and can FaceTime when one (or both of us) doesn’t have makeup on. I sort of love the fact people think we are twins sometimes…hoping they think she’s the same as me 😉 Happy birthday sister…may we always wear matching glitter shirts to movies in November!

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