Top Five Friday Family Traditions

Cue the soundtrack of ol’ Hank singing “Family Traditions…” Today’s Top Five was inspired by the conversation I had last night with my amazing sister. We have some funny, quirky family traditions that are truly a favorite of mine.

  1. Seeing Twilight movies in our matching t-shirts. This may be my favorite tradition that my sister and I have. We realize there’s only a limited number, but we look forward to it on Thanksgiving. Yes, we have matching black t-shirts that say “I heart boys who sparkle” in glitter. You should be jealous of how awesome we are.
  2. Christmas morning.Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve night. That’s the rule in our home. No presents or stockings are up and out until you awaken on Christmas morning. The stocking magically appears next to your bed as you sleep. Your own personal Santa sack is next to the tree when you go into the living room that morning. Gifts are opened, breakfast is made. That is Christmas morning folks!
  3. Christmas evening. I’m not sure when it started, but I know it came out of being around each other too much in the holidays. Every Christmas evening we go to the movies. When I say we, it is usually just my dad and I. And it’s usually to some war or action movie. That’s how we roll in the Stacy family.
  4. Vacation week. Every year for the last 30 years (with the exception of the year I was born, they like to remind me) our family has gone on vacation together for a week. That is continued with my sister and her family now too. I have to say, I love that time. I get to chat with my dad about the most random stuff on MSNBC, go to the flea market with my mom, and play with  my nephews. Then there’s the way my sister and I crack ourselves up and seeing the look of bewilderment on my brother in law’s face…priceless.
  5. Valentine’s Day and Easter. My parents still send me Valentine’s. My mom still puts together an Easter basket for me. Those two things I love. It may seem very juvenile but it means something to me, as I remember ones from when I was a kid. My dad used to get my sister and I smaller pieces of jewelry to match my mom’s on Valentine’s Day, and a small heart shaped box of goodies. This year I got my very own Valentine’s care package from my parents. It’s a tradition I hope carries on.


Does your family have some quirky or fun traditions? Feel free to share below.

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