He’s Not The God Of My Problems

That statement scares me. It scares me because I often have it cross my heart and my mind when I’m in the midst of a situation or problem. I will run down a list of why God cannot handle my problem. It usually looks like this:


  • He doesn’t have time for me.
  • Why would He care about that?
  • I obviously don’t have enough faith or this wouldn’t be a problem.
  • Who am I to take this to Him?
  • I cannot handle it, therefore He can’t either.
  • If He can’t handle it now, then He can’t handle it at all.

That’s a dangerous list, especially that last one. I fall into that lie of believing God works on my time frame. Where He fits in this time time and space box of my own making, and when He doesn’t follow through in the way my sinful self believes He should, then He’s not powerful enough to handle my problem. And you know what? I’m right about that. Because the god I have created, molded out of my own thinking cannot handle those problems. The small god, the idol god, that I take out of a box when times get hard can’t do much. All he can do is appease my selfish nature and lure me into thinking I don’t have to take anything further than him in his limited time.

The Almighty Sovereign God can though, if I’d let Him have the problems. If I would stop believing in the lie put before my own eyes, and start putting my full faith into a God who works for the good of those who love Him, I’d see that trials are a part of this life. I’d see that it wasn’t meant to be easy. If it was, would Christ have had to suffer on the cross for us? Would so many suffer persecution, torture, and death? Living a life fully devoted to following Christ and being the light for others is difficult. It gets even more difficult when I allow the lies to become the truth and I start living out my walk in a way that is not in accordance with Him and what He commands of me.

No where was this more apparent to me than in 2 Kings 5: 1-14. It’s the story of Naaman going to the prophet Elisha to be restored from a skin disease. Elisha commands him to go wash in the river seven times and he’ll be healed. Naaman didn’t like the work behind it, he questioned why he had to come all this way for that when he could have taken care of that in his own country’s river. He would rather live with that skin disease than wash seven times in a river at the urging of Elisha, a prophet of God.

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