Oh the Devil’s been talking.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, as they say. Often the impression we make will guide how a person interacts and perceives us throughout the relationship, whether it is a friendship or work. We choose daily how to interact with people, guiding by what we know and too many times what others say about those we are interacting with.

You cannot control when others talk about you, but you make the choice daily in what message they are delivering about you. Never more was that evident than in Queen Sheba’s visit to Solomon’s palace in 1 Kings 10. She had heard reports of how vast his kingdom was, and the wisdom God had bestowed upon him. She said they did not even compare to what she saw with her own eyes.

My question for you today on Questioning Tuesday is, are you giving the message you want to be delivered by others in what they say about you? Don’t rely on perceptions, or intentions. You are the message bearer of your life. Choose what you want that message to be today.

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