Top Five Bucket List Friday

There are always those things we want to do in our lifetime that we put on a bucket list of sorts. They are different for each of us, and very unique. Top five Friday comes from that today. If you’d like to share what your bucket list contains, I’d love to hear them below!

1. See Tom Petty in concert
I’m a huge fan of his. We happened to be at the same hotel as him in DC when I was five years old (a while ago obviously). They sent up autographed shirts for my sister and I. That is the coolest thing I think a band can do and secured me as a fan for life.

2. Tour England
I’m a burgeoning Anglophile. I love British culture, food, and the rainy weather (yes I’m weird). I’ve been fascinated with their history, and with the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee currently shining the spotlight on the country makes me yearn to go there for a month.

3. Adopt a child (or three, or eight)
I’m not sure why I have such a passion for orphans but it pains me to know there are children everywhere who don’t know the love of parents, of another human. God has called us to care for the orphans and the widows.

4. Meet Peter Alexander, Savannah Guthrie, and Ann Curry.
I have a total lady crush on all three of those NBC news people. It’s not a day until I’ve seen my Today show. While everyone loves Matt, no matter where in the world he is, I’ve always been a Peter Alexander girl. My sister even wrote in a couple of years ago requesting an autographed photo of him for my birthday (sadly it never came). Savannah is just plain awesome and one of my favorite Tweeters. Ann is a snazzy dresser with a great sense of humor even though she is a consummate professional at her job. They are both excellent role models for women everywhere.

5. Compete in an archery event.
I have a rabid fascination with the bow and arrow. It came about several years ago and I’ve only desired to do it more and more. My dad and I even looked at them two days ago to see what the pricing would be for a quality bow. Also the competitors on Top Shot, except for the archer, seem to struggle in this category. Blame it on Hawkeye, Green Arrow, or Susan Peverly.

So what’s on your Bucket List?

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