It’s amazing how great it is to walk on the beach in the mornings. I’m not sure why it’s different, maybe it’s because I normally run on a treadmill, or that my mind knows its on vacation. Whatever it is, I enjoy those quiet hour long walks.

In that time, I noticed all the footsteps in the sand. They were everywhere. Different tracks heading in different directions, many close in pattern but not identical. We all leave footprints in our journey. Some may be larger than others, some may be out of the path you are on.

Do you take time to see the footprints you are leaving? Do you look down to see where you are currently and what lies in front?

So often we would rather turn and look back at where we have journeyed from…dwelling on the past steps we have taken. When we turn, the Son is no longer before us, lighting our path. Instead it is on our backs, casting a dark shadow upon the past, upon our journey. We dwell on those missteps and where our path veered off course.

Our footprints, the very journey we are on, is individualistic and unique. No one else is on this walk, there are those who have walked in similar situations but you are you and I am me. We must turn, leaving footprints for others to see and journey through as they make their own in the sand.

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