Fortune Cookie

I enjoy fortune cookies. The words of wisdom held within crack me up. Sometimes they will be so spot on its eerie. Other times you read it and have that “What’s that supposed to mean?” reaction.

Proverbs is like a believer’s fortune cookie for daily use. You read it and either get it or wonder what in the world Solomon was going on about. I have to say I don’t always get where Solomon is headed when he’s writing. This morning I was digging in to Proverbs again. The two by four to the face came on chapter four, verses 23-27. They shoot straight, no bull and no chaser. The manual for a believer’s life is perfectly spelled out in those four verses.

Guard your heart…it’s something you hear often, especially when you’re single. But do you in interactions, in emotions, in those moments?

Don’t let your mouth speak dishonestly…well there you go. Does anything else need to be said?

Let your eyes look forward…this one got me. I so often push forward but then stall out looking back. How are we to focus on the God’s guidance when we have our backs turned toward things in our past?

Carefully consider the path of your feet…see how those two connect? Do we consider the placement of each step along the path? Or do we trudge, run, or walk without looking down at where we are heading?

Don’t turn to the right or to the left…oh distractions. Who doesn’t experience them? God continuously reminds us to keep the focus on Him and not allow those things around us to pull the attention away.

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