Top Five Friday (thanks to Annie)

Thanks to Annie I was inspired to drop in on my blog this Friday with a topic from hers…Top Five Friday. Now for those of you who may not be aware, I actually refer to Fridays as No Filter Fridays. It’s a day where there’s not a filter, good or bad. Obviously that often means laughing hysterically at Taco Mamacita over lunch because we’re all giving each other a hard time. So to  meld the two, I’ll do a No Filter Top Five Friday right here. Brace yourselves….my five favorite things with no filter currently.

1. Ugly Crying. 

It’s my favorite thing to do right now. Sometimes you’re just in a season where you need to cry. And cry I do. Matt Lauer telling me a poignant story as I’m brushing my teeth one morning? Ugly cry. A ridiculous television show character finally showing emotion over the perceived loss of “the girl”? Ugly cry. Seeing students I worked for and with for three years realize they are about to be thrust into the real world having changed and grown over their time in college? Ugly cry. See, nothing too sad going on in my life, just needing to emote. And emote I shall.

2. Veronica Mars, the Entire Series on DVD.

Go ahead and judge me for the fact I own them. I loved that show when it was on back in the early 2000s. It got zero respect as it bounced around from the WB to UPN (now the CW). It’s a smart, funny show where you see a strong lead female character be vulnerable and make mistakes and still somehow end up with the bad guy who desperately yearns to be good, for her. I have been re-watching the series over the last few weeks. Okay, two weeks and a couple of days to be exact. I am two episodes from it all ending. It saddens me. But I know that there are great shows like this that deserve their due, and a good fandom. (cue intro music) A long time ago, we used to be friends but I haven’t heard from you lately at all….

3. Pre-Ordering Books.

Yes I wave my nerd flag. I love books. I love reading…boom. With the addition of the Kindle to my electronics entourage at Christmas and the iPad March (thanks to WayFM! what-what!), I will buy books at 10pm at night and read through several chapters before bed. I’ve pre-ordered two books from Amazon and loved that the day they are released I wake up to them being automatically in my Kindle cloud. It’s like a gift you forget about…

4. Draw Something

Yes, the app on a phone. It’s a race for me to guess what the person I’m playing is drawing. You can actually see the stats with each person you are drawing with on the main page. With no filter today, I’m going to brag that I dominate at guessing. Oddly enough, I always sucked at Pictionary as a kid. 

5. Working Out

Yes, I admit it. I love working out. I don’t go every day, and some days I find excuses. But I truly love going to the gym for a good hour and a half for a sweat-filled endorphin-infused workout.

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