Why so negative?

Over the course of the last two months I have been entrenched in a hunt. Like an ever elusive fox is the perfect apartment for me.I think I could write a blog series on some of the worst apartments in Nashville. I could also write on some of the best apartments, just not in my price area.

What caused this inspirational post? I started looking at the ratings and comments people who had lived there made. Lo and beyond, all places had predominantly negative things to say. Then, after having a rather negative experience at a drugstore two days ago, I thought about it further. With social media and the ease of not making it personal we have as a culture become a negative society. You’d be hard pressed to find someone celebrating the joys of good service at Starbucks but rather having to wait for six minutes to get their fresh brewed cup of joe on a busy Monday morning.

Are we so programmed as a culture to only see the negative? Only dwell on the worst parts of our experiences in every day life? On Celebrate Wednesday, take a moment to celebrate a good experience…out loud….to the person whose assisting you, to their manager, on social media.

Let’s start a revolution today to be an encouraging community instead of a negative one. If you want to share below about a good experience, please feel free! 

Here’s mine:
The cashier at Target last night was friendly and assisted me with ease on a gift card mix-up I had going on. She even checked the ones I had to see which ones I could clear off and get out of my wallet. She didn’t have to do it, but she did and for that I appreciate her today.

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