A Single Question

One small question at the end of last evening’s Kairos sparked reflection and internalization like I had not know before in my life. Rewind to Saturday when I heard the new topical series for the next few weeks would be on marriage. As a single gal of 30 years, I rolled my eyes. I set myself up to be guarded and take everything with a grain of salt as it didn’t apply to me. I’m not married, engaged, or currently dating someone. I thought “here we go again in the church, as all the married people get advice on having a better marriage while all us single people sit uncomfortably in our envy.” I believe what I was could be called critical, cynical, and agitated all wrapped up in one.
I don’t know if I am truly meant to be married, and that’s the raw truth. There are times when I do feel God has someone He is preparing for me. Then there are other times I am completely content in my singleness. Only God knows and has the power to reveal His purpose for me in that. However I was struck by the question, and thought of it last night even as I was driving home. I have heard, from growing up in the church, to pray for the person God is raising up for you to marry. That He is already at work in them preparing them for you. Mike went further and asked, “Are you worth finding right now?

Today’s question (after a hiatus) is are you prepared for the one God is preparing for you?

Check out Mike Glenn’s message here.

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