The North Carolina Vote

I am typically not one to really throw my hat in a topic such as this one as I was raised you never talk politics or religion. I am going against the grain on this though with just an observation. I do have friends who are gay. I love them with the same love that I have for straight friends. There’s not a different lens I view them with, there’s not a different way I treat them. They know this. However I think many times they approach me differently or don’t have conversations with me because I am a Christian. It’s not because of who I am, or who God is, but how the unloving Christians that permeate so many facets of our culture these days are. You know what? I cannot blame them. While I do not live into the stereotype, much like my friends do not live into any stereotype of what is portrayed in the media of a homosexual individual, they don’t want to be judged, or seen as lesser human beings, just like the rest of us.

Here’s where it falls for me, where my belief lies within my heart. I see each person as a person, through the eyes and heart of Christ. As a Christian, that’s what I am commanded to do, living in that purpose of loving with the same love Christ had for me. If He loved me with a judgmental, condescending love I am not sure Christianity would be an option, because I was unlovable, sinful, and not worthy. But you know, that’s not how He loves. He loves with an all-consuming, all-knowing love. A love that doesn’t have strings, doesn’t judge, and doesn’t demean the person being loved.

I must state that I do not condone the sinful nature of homosexuality as it states in the Bible that it is in fact as a sin, just as drunkenness, murder, and adultery are sins. I love the person, regardless of the sin (while it’s much harder to love some of my fellow Christians some of the time).

If there is to be a separation of church and state, a removal of the Ten Commandments from courthouses, then I have one simple question for North Carolina lawmakers. Why are you using the same Bible to defend your decision? You cannot choose the parts of the Bible that justify your life or decisions while choosing to ignore the ones that make you uncomfortable. You either take up your cross and follow Him, or you continue fishing for your income. As a Christian who strives to be the hands and feet of Christ daily, I ask you North Carolina (and every other state/national lawmaker) to stop contorting my God’s Word to justify being a hypocrite and bigot.

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