Questioning Tuesday a little differently.

I stumbled on a wildlife show the other evening. Let me be honest and say that I don’t often find myself watching these. It’s not a natural landing place for me but when I do, I find that I learn and enjoy them. This one happened to be on “big cats” and how they work in community. In being distracted by some chores, I lost interest but left it on while I worked. I looked up at one point when the narrator began discussing how they take down their prey, a wildebeest. They attack from the rear, two of them latching on to it. I was shocked at how the animal didn’t move, didn’t fight back,didn’t attempt to run. This builds as more lions come to the feasting on the prey. As about six lions are tearing into the wildebeest, it’s just standing there. Then the final blow comes when the pack leader covers the prey’s mouth with his own in order to smother it and take the prey down.

I thought over again and again just how ridiculous that situation was for the prey’s side as it stood without any fight as the attacks built to the final death blow. Then I realized far too often, many of us are taking on attacks, that start off as small swipes or bites from the enemy that then turn into all out assaults. The problem is we are doing it alone, and ultimately it runs so deep that we are smothered by what is weighing on us. As a community here, I wanted to pause and turn the tables on today’s post.

How can I be in prayer for you and what you are going through right now? Post in the comments, or email me if you would like. Know that I will be lifting you up, and the community that is here on my blog will be in prayer as well. My prayer in this is that we would all realize the attacks lose their sting when we are able to share openly what we are walking through together.

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