Questioning Tuesday #10

I was heading into an elevator when I heard the horrible sound of metal crunching and glass breaking. I cringed when I thought of what that sound meant. As I came back out of the elevator to see how bad it was, it was then I caught sight of what happened. In this particular parking garage, large cement pylons, meant to bear the load of the building above, are stationed in about every fifth spot. A car had parked next to it as this was a full garage at that time, and upon backing out of the spot, left the whole passenger side door and mirror on that pylon.

It recalled to my mind those times when I am so focused on the left side of my life, a particular situation or area in which I feel needs my complete attention, that I miss the large cement barrier just to my right. It is not until there is full on contact, where part of me is left on that pylon that I realize just how seriously I misjudged my attention and focus. It’s not until that very moment that I see just how distracted I was in this other view.

What has you distracted today? What area of your life has had you so focused that you are inches from your own cement barrier?

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