Questioning Tuesday from the Road

Greetings to my readers, from the lovely city of Louisville! I am currently on a work trip attending a conference to learn and grow professionally with colleagues, peers, and Senior level administrators in my field.

As this blog is called “Stretching Forward” I thought I would pause to ask you today how you are growing professionally. How do you refine your strengths and build upon those to be the absolute best asset to your job, your coworkers, your supervisor, and those you serve in your work?

We are called to do all for the glory of the Lord. Have you let your job fall to the wayside in that area? Did you even realize that included your work life?

Today, this week, and the next month go into every day seeking how you can reflect the image you bear. Give Him the glory of your work and carry the attitude of Christ in every response and situation.

One thought on “Questioning Tuesday from the Road

  1. Good thoughts. In my job it's sometimes a tough balance. There are plenty of things that frustrate me and if I don't consistently practice grace, I will fall into a trap of "attitude" and resentful behavior and am probably not the most professional manager. I'm fortunate to work at a place where probably 95% of the staff are Christians and genuinely decent people. Through their examples I've been learning patience and the art of separating the personal from the professional. Sometimes you have to make those unpopular decisions, and it IS possible to do it in such a way that the staff understands. I've grown a lot in time management. Being a "parallel" manager, I don't often have too many deadlines with my boss, or supervisor. They expect me to do my job, so I do. But for my own focuses sake, I have found that giving myself deadlines and designating specific days for routine projects helps keep my mind from wandering too far.How about you, Sara? I love your constant status updates – I can tell you love your job! 🙂

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