As March quickly closes, I paused this morning to reflect on the fact I have been truly enjoying the journey in my quiet times in the mornings as I read through the Bible. Please do not misunderstand, as I truly love reading God’s Word. This month though has been different. The Old Testament seems to be singing a siren’s call to me about all of the things I am experiencing or dealing with in my life.

I shouldn’t be surprised by that, and I wonder often if God chuckles at my shock when He gives the exact guidance I have prayed for or the words at the exact moment I need them. In Joshua 17, as the tribes of Israel are receiving their allotment of promised land there is nestled in six verses quite a picture of us as believers that might be missed.

The children of Manasseh could not drive out the Canaanites among them and returned to Joshua for more land. In his guided wisdom, Joshua calls them to task that if they were a great people, they could go up to the hill country and clear the forest for themselves to set up their tents to live. That is when the excuses start flowing. “It’s too difficult. It’s not enough for us. The Canaanites have chariots of iron.” Joshua commands they can possess the hill country that was set apart for them for they are a great people.

At first my response was, “Yeah Joshua! You tell ’em!!” Then as I reread it I slowly saw a reflection of myself. God has blessed me with something or someone, and the doubts and fears creep in. He blesses me and I run back going, “That’s great but I’d like something more, and make it easy to obtain, cause that’s how it is.” It’s the Jesus-and mentality that troubles us, rages against us, and ultimately can strip us from a relationship with Him. We want Jesus-and something else, Jesus-and the perfect mate, Jesus-and the perfect job…all while not trusting God in it, not praying through it, not working in our own way. I am not saying we are guaranteed anything apart from Christ, when we come to faith. He said the road would be rough. That is why we take up a cross and follow Him, not sit and expect everything to be handed to us.

My challenge to myself, and to you, is to be content in the blessings He has given. Relish them, step back and gain perspective….look at how you can be working through Him in this time.

One thought on “More…..please.

  1. I love this, Sara! You are so spot on. I recently finished the OT. I originally dreaded it. I was thinking, what could I POSSIBLY learn from it? Why can't I just learn the NT and about Jesus. The more I read, the more I started to skip ahead in the chronological plan. I was dying to know what happened next…like some great, epic story! And as God did the same for me that he did for you, showing me different parts of ME in each of the stories, I realized…it;s our history…as Christians, this is everything leading up to Christ…the who, what, when, where, and most importantly, WHY. I have a whole new appreciation for it now. Except for Numbers. No. LOL…hope you are well, friend!! I'm glad I had a chance to pop over here today. đŸ™‚

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