Questioning Tuesday #7

It seems the last month has been a constant rotation of spiritual battles, and then teaching on spiritual warfare. So often growing up the teaching of spiritual warfare was brushed aside. If you brought it up, you would be looked at questioningly as someone who might not all be there.

Several years ago when I rededicated my life I picked up the book, The Screwtape Letters, on whim. After reading it, my view on spiritual warfare flipped. We cling to God’s presence among us in the whispers, in the feelings, in times of distress and times of great joy….we even find Him in clouds. However the moment His adversary’s presence among us is approached in conversation we tense up. Although the devil was defeated at the cross, he is not dead.

My question for today is, where are areas of your life that spiritual battles are being waged right now? If you are not in the midst of one, then where can you be arming yourself to prepare, because you will soon be engaged in one?

I wrote this post over the last week, and after a conversation with my supervisor yesterday, knew it had to be posted today. I think there’s no greater example of spiritual warfare than the recent incident involving Jason Russell of Invisible Children. In a matter of hours he went from an advocate for awareness with IC, to being interviewed by every major media outlet over the KONY2012 video. Then over the last few days his public “meltdown” has everyone questioning his motives, after they questioned IC’s financial model. As my brother in Christ, I lift him up in this moment in prayer, as all believers should be. It’s too easy, it’s too simple and reflective of a fallen world, to tear down a brother, a family in the time of greatest need. I do not know why it surprises me when the world simply acts like the world in these moments. I firmly believe this is a cry for believers to come together, to embrace Jason in prayer and support as he is under the biggest spiritual battle he will ever face. Would you not desire the same thing if you were in a similar situation?

Every time I recall spiritual warfare of late, I begin singing this song by Chris August. Take a moment and listen at his words.

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